Courses Taught

Texas Tech University

BIOL 3090 - Principles of Ecology

Instructor: Fall 2017 Syllabus

Ecologists are interested in understanding how interactions between organisms, and interactions with the environment, generates and explains the tremendous variation in biodiversity on our planet. This course is an overview of how ecologists answer questions about these interactions across many scales: between organisms of the same species, among populations of organisms, within communities of different species, and at a global scale.

University of Virginia

BIOL 3020 - Evolution and Ecology

Teaching Assistant: Spring 2016

This course examines the mechanisms of evolutionary change, with an emphasis on the genetic and evolutionary principles needed to understand the diversification of life on earth. It covers the ecology of individuals and population dynamics. Major topics include the genetics and ecology of natural populations, adaptation, molecular evolution and macroevolution, and the application of evolutionary and ecological concepts to conservation biology.

BIOL 3090 - Biology of Infectious Disease

Teaching Assitant: Spring 2013

Emphasis is on the principles that govern disease biology, using examples from humans, plants, and animals. Topics include: diversity and types of pathogens; mechanisms of transmission, pathogenicity, and resistance; epidemiology, population regulation, and extinction; disease origins; intracellular pathogens; disease and the evolution of genetic systems; and disease in biological control and conservation.

BIOL 3150 - Microbiology Laboratory

Laboratory Instructor: Spring 2012

An introduction to microorganisms and to basic microbiological principles through laboratory experimentation. Emphasis is on the structure, physiology, and genetics of bacteria and bacterial viruses.

BIOL 3010 - Genetics and Molecular Biology

Teaching Assistant: Fall 2012, Spring 2015, Fall 2016

Examines the molecular nature of genes, gene function, the inheritance of genes, and the genetic basis of traits. Major topics include Mendelian inheritance, mutation, linkage and recombination, gene regulation and interactions.

BIOL 2040 - Introduction to Biology: Organismal and Evolutionary Biology Laboratory

Laboratory Instructor: Spring 2012

Intensive introduction to modern biology designed for natural science majors. Biological structure and function at various levels of organization, cell biology, genetics, development, and evolution are covered.